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Issue date: Sept. 13, 2016

Introducing two 'Colors' series stereo headphones and headsets: Hi-Res and Hi-Fi models, in commemoration of ELECOM's 30th anniversary

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) has launched, in late June, two new “Colors” series of stereo headphones and headsets: a stylish Hi-Res type and a colorful Hi-Fi type, in commemoration of the company’s 30th anniversary.

In May 2016, ELECOM celebrated its 30th anniversary, so we are pleased to introduce these two commemorative models of headphones and headsets from the popular ‘Colors’ series whose common design theme is ‘colorful sugar-coated chocolate beans’.

The first line is the Hi-Res EHP-R/CC1000 series. Being equipped with a 8.8 mm diameter dynamic driver, this series is able to reproduce powerful bass and stretching mid- to high sounds. And the front-oriented neodymium magnet construction is designed to accelerate the vibration speed, adding even more power and boost to the low range performance. In addition, the high rigidity diaphragm made with a multilayer film has achieved high response and high resolution while reducing reverberation sound.

The “Magnetic Turbo Axial Port” construction, which situates the driver, bowl and magnet along the same axes, as well as the super-hard brass housings successfully shut out excess vibration from the driver yokes and faithfully reproduce sound signal from the diaphragm.

The “Depth Fit Earpiece” design features an enlarged tip with differentiated firmness between the outside and the inside layers, achieving greater air-tightness. The series comes with three sizes of two-step depth-adjustable earpieces, S/M/L, allowing you to choose the best fit. The product includes a cord keeper with which you can adjust the cord length and store the cord when not in use, and a pouch to keep and carry the headphones/headset in.

The EHP-CC100 series, on the other hand, are stereo headphones and headsets perfect for enjoying great sound from standard music devices, such as portable audio players. Using different but matching colors between the right and left casings, the new model gives a unique and playful look. The dia. 8.5 mm dynamic driver reproduces accurate and balanced sound with clear high, transparent mid- and rich low pitches from its compact body. Also, the super-thin PET film, merely 6.5 micron, used in the driver has achieved high response, delivering lively sound.

In addition, the neodymium magnet in the driver construction can cover a wide range of sound including defined bass and clear treble. The proprietary construction of the bass port is also contributing to the improved bass expression. The series comes with four different sized earpieces, XS/S/M/L, and the headphone model has a cable slider to prevent the cable from getting loose or tangled.

Both series employ a 1.2 m long cable, a great length for a comfortable connection, and a gold-plated L-shape plug for a compact connection. The EHP-R/CC1000A headphones are available in six different colors, the EHP-R/CC1000M headset in three, and the EHP-CC100 headphones and headsets both come in eight different colors.

Model No. On-sale date Countries and regions where the product conforms to regulations *Except the packaging
EHP-R/CC1000ABK, EHP-R/CC1000ABU, EHP-R/CC1000AGD, EHP-R/CC1000APN, EHP-R/CC1000ARD, EHP-R/CC1000ASV Late June 2016 South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Taiwan,
the Philippines,Vietnam, Japan
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