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Issue date: Mar. 8, 2016

Smartphone washi cleaner made with Tosa washi, traditional Japanese paper, with unique letterpress print

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) is introducing, at the beginning of March, a smartphone paper cleaner which is made with Tosa washi, a Japanese traditional paper produced in Tosa (today’s Kochi Prefecture), which will keep the LCD screen of your smartphone clean and shiny.

This product has been developed with a totally new concept in mind: making a smartphone cleaner out of washi. We have paid renewed attention to the traditional materials and traditional technique used in Tosa washi, and by combining them with the letterpress printing method we have successfully created reliable a washi cleaner with stylish patterns. You can wipe away persistent grease stains with this beautifully-printed washi paper to keep the screen crystal clear.

The smartphone washi cleaner uses Tosa washi which is made from vegetable fibers and plenty of clean water from Niyodo River in Kochi, said to be the most beautiful river in Japan, and uses letterpress printing to produce unique patterns. The letterpress print is a printing technique in which copies are produced by the direct impression of inked letters and pictures engraved on the letterpress surface repeatedly pressed against paper. Each sheet of paper is made by the analogue machine and finished by human hands, providing warm and unique feelings.

The product comes in five different patterns, all of which use traditional Japanese design motifs. The P-J/KCT01 series, ‘DANGO’, has patterns from lovely round rice cakes on skewers. The P-J/KCT02 series, ‘KOUSHI’, has a plaid pattern. The P-J/KCT03 series, ‘HANABI’, reminds you of short-lived fireworks. The P-J/KCT04 series, ‘FUJI’, shows Mt. Fuji in contrast with white. The P-J/KCT05 series, ‘SAKURA’, has gently laid cherry pebbles. Each model comes in two different colors. The combination of traditional Japanese design and a modern atmosphere creates products suitable for anyone regardless of age and gender.

The extremely fine and soft fibers used in the washi cleaner, which is also used at eye-glass factories in the final cleaning process, can wipe away persistent grease and dirt on the LCD screen by sucking them in. Gently wiping the surface will make the LCD screen smooth and clean. The durable washi material will provide twice-a-day, one-week repeated use. In terms of usability, the long rectangular shape can be folded in half, allowing you to wipe your smartphone’s front and back at the same time and also put it away in the card pocket of your smartphone case. You can also use the washi wipe to clean your eyeglasses. The package which the product comes in also has the same letterpress printing as the product and can be used as a portable case.

Dimensions: 55 × 182 mm
Number: five of the same pattern and same color

Model No. On-sale date
P-J/KCT01GY, P-J/KCT01GN Early March 2016
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