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Issue date: Mar. 4, 2016

Full-size USB keyboard compactly designed to save space on your desk

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) is launching a new wired keyboard, at the beginning of March, featuring a compact design that gives you extra desk space.

TK-GM01BK-G is a full-size keyboard reduced to the smallest possible size without compromising the usability of the full-keyboard and its numerical keys, providing extra space on your desk so that you can effectively organize the desktop.

The new model is a wired keyboard with an integrated cable that allows you to establish a connection just by plugging it into a USB port on your PC and also operate it for long hours without having to worry about batteries running out. It is compatible with devices running Windows®.

The key tops are supported with a rubber membrane, which provides a deeper stroke and a solid but tactile feel when typing. The key tops feature an Elecom-original font, large and easy to see, and 19 mm key pitch and 104 English-letter layout enabling smooth and efficient typing. Also, the laser-engraved letters on the key tops are designed to last for long periods of use without fading. It comes with a two-angle-adjustable stand which helps you find the angle to most comfortably suit your posture.

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista*
Dimensions: approx. W 435 × D 128 × H 24 mm (without stand and cable)
Weight: approx. 563 g (with stand and cable)
*Update for each new version of the OS or the installation of a service pack might be required.

Model No. On-sale date Countries and regions where the product conforms to regulations
*Except the packaging
TK-GM01BK-G Early March 2016 Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam
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