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Issue date: Mar. 30, 2016

Fatigue-reduction wrist and palm rests, ‘Fittio’, jointly developed in collaboration with the Yokohama Rehabilitation Center for reducing user fatigue associated with PC use.

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) is launching, at the beginning of April, a new line of wrist rests and palm rests from its ‘FITTIO’ series, which has been developed in collaboration with Yokohama Rehabilitation Center.

PCs are one of the most indispensable tools used for a variety of purposes by a wide range of users. While they are convenient and useful, long hours of use can cause shoulder pain or arm muscle fatigue. In order to reduce such fatigue and pain associated with PC use, Elecom has been developing the FITTIO series mousepads in collaboration with Yokohama Rehabilitation Center, which has a history of joint developments with various enterprises and universities due to its expertise in rehabilitation engineering. This time, a new line of wrist rests and palm rests has joined the series.

The Fittio series is a high quality product designed with three core features, namely height, shape and material, for alleviating fatigue associated with PC use.
In terms of height, the optimal height has been achieved as a result of an evaluation performed in comparison with our existing products of the same series (MOH-013, MOH-012).
In terms of shape, the product is designed to fit the natural curves and contours created when a user’s wrist rests on it. It provides an unprecedented level of gentle support by dispersing the pressure.
In terms of material, the series features EXGEL®, an extremely flexible material made in Japan and widely used in the medical field. The EXGEL® is a high-performance material equipped with an excellent shape-recovery property of rubber and a great fluidity of gel, providing softness and flexibility with no worry of it leaking.
Since the material gently synchronizes with the hand’s movement in every direction by dispersing the pressure, it does not hinder even the subtlest movement of the hands. Also, the surface is made of high quality synthetic leather which is also used in the medical field, allowing you to keep the product clean by simply wiping off dirt or stains using water, detergent or alcohol.

The MOH-FTR series is a wrist rest for mouse or numerical keypad users, while the MOH-FTP series is a palm rest for keyboard users. The palm rest is designed to have its center part slightly lower than the rest so that it stays out of the way when your thumb has to hit the space key. Both series are available in black and white. Developed with the detailed considerations in mind, the FITTIO series supports comfortable mouse/keyboard operation by reducing fatigue related to overworked hands, fingers and shoulders.

Model No. On-sale date
MOH-FTRBK, MOH-FTRWH Early April, 2016
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