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Issue date: Mar. 8, 2016

ELECOM wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 with its three product series

We are very pleased to announce that ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) has won an internationally recognized award, the ‘iF Design Award’, with three of its product series: Hi-res headphones “S.A.T.” (EHP-CH3000 series), Hi-res overhead headphones (EHP-R/OH1000 series and EHP-R/OH2000 series), and stereo headphones “AQUA” (EHP-BA100 series).

About the “iF product design award”

Established in 1953, the “iF product design award” is an internationally recognized design award that is granted to products with exceptional designs. Award winning products are exhibited in an online exhibition on the iF website and at iF exhibitions around the world. The winners receive their awards at a ceremony at CeBIT (International Trade Fair for Information and Telecommunication Technology) held annually in Hannover, Germany.

Hi-Res headphones “S.A.T.” EHP-CH3000 series

Hi-Res headphones that reproduce the finest details in a piece of audio. The product is constructed so that the driver, bowl and magnets are placed along the same axis, allowing for a smooth response that spans from lows to peaks. It uses super-hard aluminum for the housings, shutting out excess vibration from the driver yokes, while achieving robustness and lightness. The screwed conjunction between bush and housing is intentionally exposed, successfully achieving a simplified minimal structure with nothing but functionality.

Hi-Res headphones EHP-R/OH1000 series, EHP-R/OH2000 series

Hi-Res headphones equipped with a folding mechanism that makes them highly portable. They are also a great fit. The headphones are composed of oval ear pads which cover your ears entirely and the round chambers, in which the sound field diffusion has been improved thanks to the curved down drivers, achieve a simple yet beautiful design. The headphones have a single cable coming out of the left housing that hangs naturally along the body line, staying out of your way. It offers the ultimate functional beauty as a tool.

Stereo headphones “AQUA” EHP-BA100 series

Stereo headphones equipped with a balanced armature driver which produces clear and expanding mid- to high-sound. The construction in the newly-developed sonic resonating structure and its robust brass housings enable reproduction of clear mid- to high-sound and solid bass. The organic shape, inspired by water droplets, expresses the freshness of the sound produced.

Product name Model No.
Hi-Res headphones “S.A.T.” EHP-CH3000 series
Hi-Res overhead headphones EHP-R/OH1000 series
EHP-R/OH2000 series
Stereo headphones “AQUA” EHP-BA100 series
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