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Issue date: Jan. 15, 2016

Introducing three models of casual camera bag, “off toco”, equipped with storage space dedicated for camera and lens, allowing quick access so you won’t miss a shot

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) is launching, in late January, a new line of camera bags, “off toco”, equipped with a pocket designed to fit a single-lens reflex camera or a mirror-less interchangeable-lens camera, and that can also be used as a casual bag for daily use.

The newly introduced models are three camera bags in the “off toco” series, a new brand developed with new concepts, all of which are equipped with a convenient pocket with a removable inner case where you can store a single-lens reflex camera or a mirror-less interchangeable-lens camera. This dedicated and removable pocket makes it easy to smoothly take out the camera and lens whenever you have to take a quick shot.

The “DGB-S023” model is a backpack type which is perfect for a small trip. It is designed to fit a camera and lens in its bottom inner case, providing easy access to them from the side openings with their double zippers. In addition to the camera space, there are two chambers with plenty of storage space. You can completely remove the inner case to use the bag as a casual daypack or even remove the divider between the two chambers to create one large chamber for storing notebook PCs up to 13.3 inches wide. The backpack has handles so that you can also hand-carry it.

The “DGB-S024” model is a messenger bag type that is convenient for cross-carrying while riding a bicycle. The bag has two chambers where small items can be stored separately, and the divider between the two chambers can be removed to make one larger chamber. Further, the inner case for a camera can also be completely removed to store tablet PCs up to 10.1 inches wide. The bag is equipped with a back pocket where small items can be conveniently stored and also has handles that give you the choice to carry it by hand.

The “DGB-S025” model is a shoulder bag type which is convenient for casually going out in the neighborhood to take some photos. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap which can be also removed to use the bag as a hand-carry bag. The front side has a wide opening with double zippers which provides a quick access to the camera. Completely remove the inner camera case to use the bag as a small casual bag with access through the upper zipper. In addition, the bag is equipped with a zipper pocket in the front and a large slip-in pocket in the back.

In terms of details, all three models are made with material treated with a water-resistant coating, giving you peace of mind even when the bag gets a little wet. (*) They are also equipped with a lens pocket, which allows you to quickly put away the lens and focus on photo-taking without losing it. The three models are available in three chic quiet colors: black, navy and gray. The different color used on the inner material not only provides great accent to the design, but also makes it easy to see the contents. The ‘off toco’ tag attached in the front side is acting as another accent for the design, making the bags look stylish.
*It does not completely prevent water from entering inside.

Model No. On-sale date
DGB-S023GY, DGB-S023NV, DGB-S023BK Late Jan. 2016
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