Of eternity, to the 17-year-old. Stereo Headphones perfect for ANIME MUSIC

Stereo Headphones Product Designed by Shirow Masamune EHP-SL100 series

Optimal tuning for
listening to anime songs

The world of anime songs is fully and precisely
recreated with their powerful bass and clear extending vocal.

φ10 mm dynamic driver

The dia. 10 mm dynamic driver features a highly rigid
titanium-coated diaphragm designed for the reproduction of
rich bass and transparent treble.

Forty ribs to reduce
abnormal vibration

The surface of the diaphragm is mounted with
forty ribs to prevent deformation of the vibrating membrane,
division vibrations, rolling or other abnormal vibrations,
thus obtaining a linear output characteristic with low distortion.

  • Color: COPPER PINK
  • Color: SILVER
  • Color: RUBIN RED
  • Color: BLACK
  • Type:
    airtight, in-ear type
  • Driver unit:
    dynamic dia. 10 mm
    (titanium-coated diaphragm)
  • Impedance:
  • Sound pressure sensitivity:
  • Maximum input power:
  • Frequency range:
  • Cable:
    1.2m (Y-shape)
  • Plug:
    dia. 3.5 mm 3-conductor mini-plug (L-shape)