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Product Designed by Shirow Masamune EHP-SH1000

'Coaxial In-Phase Drive System'

Reproduction of powerful and clear sound is realized by placing two drivers
face to face on the same axis to be driven in the same phase.
The 2-way dual dynamic drivers system, with one dia. 12.5 mm driver for
the low-to-mid ranges and the other dia.
11.6 mm driver for the high to ultra high frequency ranges,
offers high-definition and Hi-Res audio sources across a wide range.

Exploded view

External magnet driver

Employing “ELECOM Torus External Magnet Driver”
The dia. 11.6 mm driver features a multilayer film diaphragm and external magnet dynamic driver,
“ELECOM Torus External Magnet Driver”, which reproduces clear high pitch.
The doughnut-shaped ball piece delivers sound from the low frequency driver
straight to the sound tube, enabling reproduction of powerful bass.

ETEM Driver outside the magnet-type driver

Ultra-hard aluminum housings

The housings are made of ultra-hard aluminum, shutting out excess
vibration from the driver yokes and faithfully reproducing sound signals
from the diaphragm, while achieving robustness and lightness. The light CCAW voice coil improves vibration response,
enabling reproduction of clear sound in a wider range.
The drivers are equipped with a neodymium magnet which generates
a strong magnetic field, enabling reproduction of dynamic low ranges.

Detachable MMCX cable

Even the cable plays an important role in improving the sound quality and increasing the usability with any connected devices.
The cables are made of oxygen-free copper (OFC) wires which reproduce clear high-pitch sound while suffering little from signal degradation.
The ground wire inside each cable is split into four independent wires, successfully reducing static noise as well as electromagnetic noise between the right and the left while increasing the acoustic effect and reproducing tight bass.

  • Type:
    airtight, in-ear type
  • Driver unit:
    (dia. 12.5 mm + dia. 11.6 mm)
  • Impedance:
  • Sound pressure sensitivity:
  • Maximum input power:
  • Frequency range:
  • Cable:
    1.2 m (Y-shape), detachable (MMCX terminal)
  • Plug:
    dia. 3.5 mm 3-conductor mini-plug (L-shape), dia.
    3.5 mm 4-conductor mini-plug (L-shape)