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Product Design Award Product Design Award
iF Design Award 2016 iF Design Award 2016

What’s the iF product design award?
Established in 1953, the "iF product design award" is an internationally recognized design award
that is granted to products with exceptional designs. Award winning, products are exhibited in an online
exhibition on the iF website and at iF exhibitions around the world. The winners receive their awards at a
ceremony at CeBIT (International Trade Fair for Information and Telecommunication Technology)
held annually in Hannover, Germany.

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Good Design Award 2015 Good Design Award 2015

With origins in the "Good Design Selection System" (known as the "G-Mark System"),
The Good Design Awards is a comprehensive design evaluation and commendation program
that aims to channel the powers of distinctive design to build prosperous lives and
encourage sound industrial development. This prestigious award honors outstanding products
that bless and enrich society and people's lives through their designs.

In 2015, the Japan Institute of Design Promotion announced the result for their
2015 Good Design Award, where ELECOM CO., LTD,
(Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada)
won the award for its PC mouse series.

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